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I won this book 2 through the First Reads program and wasn't sure if it'd make sense without having read the first in the series! Tete Hi! I just read your question. Absolutely not recomended. You need to read them in order. Hope you enjoy the series. I love it! See 1 question about Fatal Justice…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order.


We can't wait to see what we get for the upcoming "billboard" issue. Jun 12, Elvan rated it really liked it. But in , the year of Manson and Altamonl, the hippie dream crashed. All told, the script lacks any definite point of view that would quality it as a polemic. The complete press release, which contains information about Penguin Random House, is available here. Welcome back.

Shelves: ebook-own-have-read , murder , reads , 5-stars , cops-detectives-agents , politicians-id-do , reviewed-by-me , author-marie-force , series-fatal. This installment finds Lieutenant Sam Holland and Senator Nick Cuppuano feeling their way around their new relationship.

It's obvious they're in love, but they're still getting to know one another and working as a couple, rather than individuals with no one else to think about. Once again Marie Force gives us an exciting, action packed story that had me riveted, and best of all we get to revisit those same awesome people we met in the Fatal Affair.

Force knows how to deliver it with such … force … that once again I was up until the wee hours of the morning finishing this story. It seemed unnecessary and had me briefly questioning her ability to be in a solid relationship. But that said, I still adored her and Nick! View all 12 comments. This is my first book from Marie Force and I have some really mixed feelings. There are many things about this book that I enjoyed and there are some that I didn't like so much. I haven't read the previous book in this series. And although it was not a problem to follow the plot in the second one, the plot from the previous book was extensively uncovered there, so now I don't see the point in reading the previous one now.

One of the things I am not so keen of is the relation between Sam and Nick w This is my first book from Marie Force and I have some really mixed feelings. One of the things I am not so keen of is the relation between Sam and Nick which is pretty intense. There is a bit more drama here than I usually like. I didn't like that Sam regularly compares her prick of an ex-husband with Nick, expecting him to just deal with it. And there is too many emotions between them. I expected for the story to be more focused on the criminal cases. On the other hand, sometimes Sam and Nick remind me of Eve and Roarke.

And this is definitely a good thing. I generally like them and I will probably follow the series, especially that the secondary characters are also pretty nice. The suspense part was more than okay. The killer and his motives are not that obvious, while still believable at some point. All in all, it's a nice and quick read. Re-read on December 6, Adding another star to my original rating! Aug 02, Karla rated it liked it Shelves: romantic-suspense , continuing-series , steamy-sex , returning-characters , audio-ebook-combo , annoying-heroine , not-so-much , hit-or-miss-author , female-cop.

Just not feeling these characters or this book, mediocre at best! I can put this in the Marie Force "miss" column!

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Sorry kids, I know everyone loves this series, but after a good start with Fatal Affair , this was something of a flop for me. I felt like so much of the plot was recycled from the first book. I understand that the characters are all connected, but it just didn't do it for me. Over the top drama The killer I didn't get it! I know people do stupid thin 2. I know people do stupid things, but I really didn't see the reasoning behind all of it.

The heroine, Sam, started to get on my nerves. For such a tough cop who has to make spur of the moment decisions, she really had trouble moving on in her own life. Nick, he was just there, he didn't appeal to me like he did in Fatal Affair. I honestly couldn't wait for the book to end.

Not sure if this series is dead in the water for me, or if I'll continue. Lets just say I'm not rushing off to get the next book to see what happens. Maybe I'll try one more, and hopefully it will be better than this was. Freddie's circumstances, or rather dilemma was one of the few redeeming sub-plots in this book.

On a brighter note, the narration by Felicity Munroe was once again spot on! View all 5 comments. But in all fairness, I don't like that series either. This sequel started right after book 1 with Lieutenant Sam Holland and Senator Nick Cuppuano's relationship coming to light after a public political scandal involving the senators family.

Here, we see the price both pay to be together. Sam is on the trail of a murder and Nick's political ambitions lead to the loss of Sam's privacy. But they are determined that their love will sustain all the drama surrounding them. I don't think I enjoy Marie Force's writing as much. I don't think I'll continue with this series. View 2 comments. Nov 22, MG rated it really liked it Shelves: discount-deal , series , contemporary , steamy , fave-author , not-a-standalone , suspense , romance , strong-heroine , thriller.

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For example minor spoiler , there was a major car chase where the MCs were getting 3. For example minor spoiler , there was a major car chase where the MCs were getting shot at, and it turned out that it had nothing to do with anything related to the case s they were investigating. At all. That on top of the mysteries unfolding with Sam's father's case; the ongoing case about the Supreme Court nominee; the side stories of Sam's partner and Nick's staffers; their relationship issues Also, do not read this if you haven't read this book yet! Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the book in general because I really am becoming attached to these main characters and some of the rest of the bunch, and I definitely plan to read on.

I just hope the author mixes it up a little more with the mystery part, and that the pieces tie together a little better in future installments of this series. Plot 2. View all 3 comments. Mar 21, Lauren rated it liked it Shelves: romantic-suspense , female-detectives , politics. As she unravels the clues to the murder, Sam must also deal with changes in her personal life as her relationship with Senator Nick Cappuano moves in new and problematic directions. Given the numerous 5 star rating and the comments on many of my groups raving about this series, it has become clear that I am in the minority when it comes to my less than stellar rating for this book.

The most significant problem is my dislike of the heroine. While her tough-as-nails snark could be considered endearing in the first book, in this one she is simply rude, cantankerous and unlikable. She overreacts to the smallest things and seems to resent the fact that her subordinates have their own personal lives.

She is also commitment phobic and keeps too many secrets from Nick a trope that annoys me no end. While Nick is a sweet and sexy hero, he is also far too emotionally needy for my tastes and there are moments when I have to ask myself what he sees in the self-controlled and distant Sam. Moreover, the chemistry that they shared in the previous installment seems to have fizzled and their sex scenes of which there are too many are perfunctory and add little to their romance. As it stands, the villains and their motivations are underdeveloped and the climax and resolution have a tacked on feel to them.

I also disliked the way in which the issue of abortion is treated in the book as if women who choose this path for themselves have something to be ashamed of. All in all, I will probably give the next book a shot sometime but it is not a priority. View all 6 comments.

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Jan 04, Anne OK rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads. If you love romantic suspense, this series is a must. The first book, "Fatal Affair," whetted my appetite - the second installment, "Fatal Justice" has left me starving for more! Marie Force's "Fatal" ebook series set in Washington, D.

Harry - you If you love romantic suspense, this series is a must. Harry - you're a funny man and I hope we see lots more of you! Of course, you can expect a big dose of great romance and suspense, too. This series is the perfect package! For some reason this seems so fitting for Sam and Nick. Boy these two couldn't seem to catch a break in this one.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they plow through the crap that is undoubtedly coming their way. The secondary characters are rising to the occasion if you ask me. Freddie is pretty awesome and so is Cruz. The murder mystery held my attention and garnered my interest.

see The wrap up of everything was spot on. And the ending Feb 11, Janja rated it liked it. Shelves: romantic-suspense , author-marie-force. Sam is called out to a murder scene in the early hours of the morning only to find the victim is one of Nick's closest friends who was about to be appointed a Supreme Court Judge. Of course this is devastating to both Nick and his 'adoptive' family the O'Connors. Nick knew that Sam wouldn't want to be too far from her father so he bought a house a few doors down. Unfortunately it didn't go quite according to plan as Sam was apprehensive and reluctant to move in with him as her previous marriage was a disaster and left her with emotional scars.

There were times when I got really angry with Sam and couldn't understand what she was waiting for. I also got a bit cross that she kept keeping things from him and thought that he dealt with the situations well. Once again Ms Force did an amazing job with this story and I would happily recommend it to anyone who likes the RS genre. Jun 05, Sue rated it it was amazing Shelves: audible , ebook-r , rcftci , favorites , romance-suspense. Updated for a reading challenge: This series gets better with each book, as our stars settle into their fiery hot relationship, real life gets in the way.

Bad guys, politics and the media. I'd say now this book was a touch better when you read the series again. Either are good though and I recommend if you are a fan of a couple series solving crimes. Though the crime was more interesting in book 1. I want to be clear the Updated for a reading challenge: This series gets better with each book, as our stars settle into their fiery hot relationship, real life gets in the way. I want to be clear the 5 rating has to do more with the couple and the ensemble cast, the crime was secondary in this story and at times I think the crime solving technique could be improved.

Crime 4. I can't rate it over the first in the series because it was just that good. The relationships get better, the ensemble cast is incredibly engaging. You actually look forward to the various snip-it updates MF includes on the secondary characters through out the book. Oh I have so many comments on all the relationships swirling about but I'd have to save that for twitter. The CAST gets a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

The 2nd character to die in this series that is a close personal friend of Nick's, a nominee to the Supreme Court no less. So you get the "what the hell" is going on up on the Hill feel to this 2nd in the series. But, it makes sense for the author to do this to keep Nick involved. She pretty much has to have a crime involve a player in politics. The crime and the solving of the crime is logical and intuitive at times, nothing is spelled out and your often surprised. But the perfect level of Suspense for a romance vehicle. Finally in closing I want to point out I love the emotions in this novel, you get nearly all of them but I especially like it when an author can make me chuckled from time to time and this one accomplishes that.

Well done. Now onto the third in this excellent series. Jan 31, Diane rated it really liked it. This book delved deeper into the personal lives of the main characters and branched out a bit into the supporting cast. Very good story line -I like the setting around Washington, DC. Lots of emotion and inner turmoil in this book - interesting and controversial subject matter made for a very good plot line.

Worth the read, and I'm really enjoying this series - getting to know the characters and liking them. Two thumbs up! Jun 12, Elvan rated it really liked it. I've always been intrigued by stories set in the deep south, especially Louisiana specifically New Orleans. I loved how it was set in the s and how it was easy to see that it was a different world in the deep south during that time.

Throw in descriptions of cypress trees in the eerie bayou and haunted, jazz filled streets, and I'm in love. Coven meets Twilight if you can imagine what that's like -- the perfect amount of darkness meets love story. Jan 16, Chande rated it it was amazing. This is a wonderful book if your looking for a good paranormal read!!!

Fatal Justice

Lorelei Huntington has no idea where life is getting ready to take her. The man she thinks is the wrong man may be just the man she needs to keep her safe but what is he a man or a monster. What is she a witch or something else??? You must read to find out!!

Jun 10, Juliah Wiederhold rated it really liked it. This was a really good book, but I don't really see how this fits in with the previous books in the series. I was looking for what comes next with the roses and did not get that. After reading this book I found that it is actually a spin-off from the Devils Roses series.

Apr 23, Jayne rated it liked it. It is certainly unpredictable with some twists you won't be expecting. I found to have a darker storyline than I expected but it is well worth reading. By now, I've learned that when it comes to retelling historical events, she can be extremely one-sided and sensationalist. View all 12 comments. Feb 20, Frona rated it it was ok. Cautious interwinement of different time modes and perspectives held a lot of promise. Parts of the plot were carefully strung into a captivating, fight-for-breath whole. Along with the lack of misplaced words and clutter, it was what made the flow neat and tidy, but also what opened the possibility of its pitfall.

By definition, stringing pieces in a sequence involves staying within the narrow line and connecting similar components.

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The same happened to the story - the auspicious start did not Cautious interwinement of different time modes and perspectives held a lot of promise. The same happened to the story - the auspicious start did not progress and evolve, but only invoked a complementary platitude. The purpose of books based on true stories, is to give us a possible narrative behind the bare facts. Instead of plausible interpretation and deeper understanding this one delivers only more cliches and pompousness. It felt as if the author had mistaken an image of an all American gal, with unresolved daddy issues and girl-power ambitions, for a person.

The protagonist and her relations had no uniqueness that would make them convincing, but remained the manufactured products waving from the billboard, that one sometimes wants to get to know, but never can. Yellow pages of an artsy journal would have as much effect. Life can be but a series of coincidences and its end a peak of absurdity, but at least it has some moments of significance, which is a fact this book desperately tries to avoid.

Nov 10, Romie rated it liked it. Although the Chappaquiddick incident was before my time, Kennedy hagiography wasn't. That myth of Camelot stuff. Although I am a Democrat and agreed with a lot of the work he did, I don't know that I could have voted for him. I reflexively vote against all Kennedys, always. Because of stuff like Chappaquiddick and its aftermath. It's a case where there was probably never going Although the Chappaquiddick incident was before my time, Kennedy hagiography wasn't.

It's a case where there was probably never going to be justice and where I don't know what justice might have looked like. The closest we're probably going to get is this book, which is fiction, and which echoes the central events. But only echoes - it's set in a different time, with different people. I have mixed feelings about Joyce Carol Oates. I like the stories she chooses to tell, and I like her dreamlike attacks on and explorations of the ways we socialize or suppress female sexuality.

At the same time, I find her prose prosaic more so when she's trying for poetry and think that her universal archetypes if we can call them that flatten and limit my experience of my own humanity. That's not me in there. Do I like the recasting of the Chappaquiddick story as an allegory for the power imbalances between older men in power and younger women out of power, the ways in which the women are doomed sacrifices?

Do I feel more powerless after reading the book, as though Oates is complicit in taking away the agency of a woman who in real life was clearly motivated? I do think the book is worth reading and talking about. One thing I can say is it made me more aware of the way we tell crime stories and scandal stories through the eyes of the aggressor. Yes, the victim isn't there to tell their side, but the perp usually isn't telling either.

I've thought before about whether we're re-victimizing the victims by treating them as objects sometimes of veneration, sometimes not to protect ourselves from existential angst who wants to self-identify as dead? Jun 14, mark monday rated it it was ok Shelves: View all 8 comments. Feb 06, George K. May 22, Annie rated it really liked it. Haunting rendition of a young woman's last terrifying moments.

Oates comes at those moments from a variety of angles, and somehow it's enough to create an entire novella out of it in a way that seems natural. Black Water is a bit like water how apropos circling around a drain, getting faster and faster as it nears the inevitable end. Mar 02, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: A very long time ago in a distant land known as the 90's, I was working with a woman who also liked to read during her lunch. She asked me if I had any interest in going with her to hear an author she liked go speak. I had never heard of this Joyce Carol Oats woman.

So we went to this huge church in St. Paul and the place was packed. I was surprised - This many people for some author? I know - I was young and pretty darn clueless. We were all just sitting there and then A very long time ago in a distant land known as the 90's, I was working with a woman who also liked to read during her lunch. We were all just sitting there and then all of a sudden you could feel a current in the room.

I look over and this tiny woman who looked like someone's executive assistant walked in and took the podium. It was really great. A few days after the reading my co-worker brought in this book with a thank you for going with her to the reading. I read the book and I have to say it still haunts me. I knew nothing of the Kennedy scandal when I read this - and I was horrified.

I still think about this book. Black Water is Joyce Carol Oates' version of the Chappaquiddick incident - taking place much later in time, and with an older version of Kennedy. I wanted to love this, but I really, really didn't. JCO uses a blunt, visceral style, heavy in repetition, and repeatedly culminating with Kopechne's stand-in, Kelly Kelleher's, thoughts during the crash and as she's accepting her fate. I couldn't stand the way JCO wrote Kelleher, and it turns out I just had to turn to the Amazon description of her to na Black Water is Joyce Carol Oates' version of the Chappaquiddick incident - taking place much later in time, and with an older version of Kennedy.

I couldn't stand the way JCO wrote Kelleher, and it turns out I just had to turn to the Amazon description of her to nail it: Kelleher is supposed to be a year-old political journalist who then ends up fawning over "The Senator" never given a name for the fact that he's even talking to her. Someone at that age, and at that point in their career, would be well-versed in men with power and know how to talk to them without going weak at the knees. When you're a journalist, you learn at a very young age that men will try to wield their power to get you into bed.

Hell, when you're a woman in any career path, you probably learn this. I had men fawning over me when I was a teenage music journalist! So I just don't buy a journalist in their mids as naive and totally clueless, but Black Water is written in rose-colored glasses. She's written as too naive, and overly vulnerable and romantic for someone who's a year-old political journalist who likely just wants to go get her fuck on.

And if you want to shift the conversation to the real life incident, I don't think Mary Jo Kopechne was this much of a naive twit, either - she was a political influencer! She had been in politics for six years when this happened - I don't think she was as naive and romantic as this character that's supposed to be based on her. Maybe I'm just a cynical old broad now, but I would've bought into this if the approach to Kelleher had been less about her being some sort of idealistic "good girl.

Not all women have to feel romantically about a man to want to go to bed with him. Maybe she just wanted to get laid! That would've been fine! I would've much preferred a book that didn't have such a one-sided goody-two-shoes kind of character.

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It would've made more sense if Kelleher had gone home with him because she wanted to try to scoop a story on him, or if it was simply that she liked sex and saw an opportunity to get laid. Instead, we get her impressions of the Senator contrasted with an old boyfriend. Homegirl, the Senator is not going to be your boyfriend, the Senator just wants to get off. I also really struggled with the idea that a woman would write another woman to be this stupid. Anyway, I could tell that JCO is a good writer and all of that, but I hated the way she wrote Kelleher, and since the book is from Kelleher's POV, that pretty much killed the whole thing for me.

Not a great first impression of JCO , so if anyone has read something of hers that was good, let me know. Jan 30, Christopher Hong rated it did not like it. A scandal, which largely sensationalized the life of Mary Jo Kopechne, who died in a car accident whose circumstances are reasonably suspect. But Oates' novel or what I can recall, having read it in high school , seems less intent on realizing Kopechne's life as it is intent on villainizing Ted Kennedy or rather the archetype of powerful men taking advantage of impressionable young women.

I have no problem with Oates attempting to take on the latter archetype or even Kennedy for that matter except that she does it in the kind of one-sided screed that diminishes the agency and individualism of the Kopechne-analogue. In speaking about her story, Where are you going? Where have you been? My problem with Oates largely lies in her work existing in a "single dimension," as well as the fact that great art transcends its medium and that her characters are often types helpless and tragic girls vs.

She is understandably upset about this recurring pattern of misogyny but never gives us anything but the Chick-tract version of events and exists solely in Oates singular dimensions. Giving a voice to the voiceless is only powerful when that perspective gives us more insight, instead Oates confirms only victim-hood and powerlessness. View all 6 comments. Maybe Oates is going for a spiraling free form: This quick read cuts like a knife, and it lingers.

Fine writing, but not the best Oates. Oct 14, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love how Oates chose to frame the narration and though the book is short, the main character Kelly Kelleher is fully realized. Her actions, reactions, and decisions felt true. Finally and most importantly to all my fans, especially my first fans, Ms. Sheba D.

B from Dallas, Texas. Thanks for the in-depth review and all your support. Sunshine , thanks for the review, love, and support. Michelle Renee Rawls, thanks for the solid review and support. Sharod H Bankston, I really appreciate your review the most because you were my first and that means a lot. Thank you for your support. To all the fans of the urban street lit genre, you really make it possible for me and other writers to keep doing what they do to entertain you.

I hope you enjoy the second installment of the Chronicles of Carmelo. Please let me know what you think. Post your comments, inquiries, criticism, and reviews on Amazon. I said in disbelief over the telephone. I was talking to my partner N. He was about to come home in a few days.

Well, at least I thought he was. Apparently another rat was willing to come to court and testify against him. I asked again because I was shocked. The person he was accusing of telling on him had me jive messed up in the head, because I would have never thought that he would switch sides like that. Everybody loved the nigga.

Yeah, homeboy, N said. You need to holla at that nigga for me. Oh, and Riff-Raff say good looking out on that thing. He should be getting some play in court any day now. I had been lying low after doing a lot of killing in the city because I messed around and got caught on a surveillance tape by the feds while I was kidnapping a rat lover.

Now I was a father of a healthy two-year-old son, co-owner of a nightclub, CEO of Omerta Press a small publishing company that specialized in urban literature and engaged to marry my baby Markita, the sister of a rat who I had to kill a few years ago. Hopefully that skeleton never got out of the closet. I made Markita quit college after she had the baby. I had enough money to hold us over for the time being, plus the nightclub was jumping, bringing in tons of money on a nightly basis.

I even allowed a few go-go bands to play out there, which really got the club notoriety from people in the city. Now I had to jeopardize losing all that to help out a good man who I really felt deserved to be back on the streets. This time I would definitely be moving with caution. He was murdered because he was close to me and the rat that wanted to kill me dogged him out just to get me to come out of hiding. He was just an ordinary Moe — a working man. I knew what I was up against now and I had no plans of going back to prison for nobody.

I done tied up all my loose ends so I could finally live a peaceful and normal life, but just like an old timer told me one day, You never get outta dis shit once you in it, young nigga. The only way out is the graveyard or getting an asshole full of time in the penitentiary!

I been there and done that asshole full of time in the pen, and believe me, it was nothing pretty at all. I got a second chance after getting back on appeal on a technicality. My loyalty to the game and rectifying all the wrongs done to it by rats and fake motherfuckers had me ready to jump back into it full throttle. I know it may sound crazy to some, but the way I came up in the game, staying true to it was the only thing that mattered to me. A couple dudes are real, but for the rest I drove my car into D. Hey, Carmelo Cornell Best greeted me with a smile, shooting an imaginary jumper, which caused a few guys to laugh.

Cornell Best still looked the same with his beady small afro, and he had on a multicolored We R One sweat suit with the new Jordans to match. I chuckled, gave Champ a nod, and pulled Cornell Best to the side.

The Air That I Breathe (Blackwater Book 3)

Once I got him alone from the crowd, I pulled out some cash and gave it to him. Ay, Slim, I need you to go with me real quick on this move. Like what? You might as well come drive out there, and you just pay attention so you know how to get back, cool? I felt a little bad about what I was about to do to him because this nigga was loved by so many stand-up men in the city.

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But I wondered how many would love him if they found out he snitched on N back in the day? Yeah, his fate was sealed and I had to carry it out, I thought as he returned to my car and got inside. It was just a reaction to keep him comfortable. Once, when he asked me if I still messed with N, he indirectly told on himself that he was still snitching. I kept my cool and said, Naw, Moe, I just be doing me, Slim.

I mean, you know how that shit goes, he said, making me mad as hell. As I drove Cornell Best to the point of no return, I glanced at him a few times, letting my anger boil over. I looked around to make sure the coast was clear.

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A Killer'z Ambition (DC Bookdiva Publications): Murder On The Mind - Kindle edition by Nathan Welch. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC . A Killer'z Ambition (DC Bookdiva Publications): Murder On The Mind. Nathan Welch A Killer'z Ambition 3 (DC Bookdiva Publications): The Wrath of Carmelo.

I spotted a Muslim brother pushing Final Calls and bean pies and used that as my opportunity. Soon as he turned to look, I raised my gun quickly and shot him three times in the head. Blood and brain fragments flew everywhere as his head banged hard against the passenger side window. I made a quick right turn and then drove up inside the FedEx mailing depot.

I sat there in the car with the dead rat for a minute, feeling nothing - no emotion, nothing. After handling that, I got back in the car and pulled off. By the time I dropped his body off on the ground in front of the emergency room doors at Washington Hospital Center in Northwest, I had put over thirty bullets holes in the rat, leaving him DOA, which I believe he truly deserved. When I got there and opened the box, I found that I had tons and I needed a wheelbarrow to take everything to my car. This little fine caramel-skinned sister who worked there asked if she could assist me. I peeped her hard nipples pointing at me through the white button-down U.

Yeah, Shorty was definitely a prize catch and sexy enough to make gay men rethink their sexual orientation. Yeah, I can always use a hand, I told her while checking out her body. Even though her soft round face only scored a 6 in the looks department, she had a full set of pouty lips that I wanted to slide my dick between. Now her ass, that was a perfect 10 all day. She looked at me with her soft brown eyes and smiled as we got out to my car. Thanks for your help, Shorty, I said, lusting over her curvaceous frame, which was covered with some tight, dark grey slacks that highlighted the swollen mound of her camel toe.

You know you be having a lot of mail constantly coming to that box.